The Wonderful Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Timeless, Artistry in Permanent Makeup is a great choice for people of all ages!


Little or no "down time" after the procedure- recovery is quick, simple and easy! Some of our clients have confidently gone out or back to work the next day.


You're ready to go every day- because of permanent makeup your look is set. You can kick it up with additional makeup for that special look.


Timeless, Artistry in Permanent Makeup is not for women only- whether its scar camouflage or Collagen Rejuventaion Therapy or hair simulation, men can benefit from our treatments.

 For those who are having physical challenges, permanent makeup can be the answer for you. Whether arthritis or a shaking hand is causing hardships in putting on your makeup, Timeless permanent makeup is the answer for you.


For those with vision problems such as blindess in one eye or blurry vision when taking off your glasses, Timeless permanent makeup is is the solution you are looking for.


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What is HIFU? HIFU is non-surgical, non-invasive beauty procedure to tighten skin and make you look younger. Go to the HIFU page to discover more!

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