CRT = Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy

Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy, or CRT, is an exciting new and wonderful process that works in conjunction with your body's natural transformative cell regeneration! With our CRT application treatment, wrinkles and lines seen to fade away naturally because our process stimulates your body to heal "younger" causing those annoying lines to diminish.



See for yourself the wonderful results!


Its like rolling back the clock.

Here are some other areas we have seen wonderful results happen. 


Stretch marks- Whether its the "leftovers" from pregnancy or weight reduction or other causes CRT works.


Dark Spots- When we were growing up our grandparents called them liver spots. But whatever the cause CRT can lighten them. Other kinds of dark spots such as freckles or just a plain old dark spot can be lightened thru CRT.


Hypo pigmentation- CRT can help in that area too.


Scars- Yes, some forms of scarring can respond positively to CRT.

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