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For the body there are many different procedures and variations of sessions. Examples are-


  • Full neck wrinkle reduction
  • Jowls reduction
  • Loose skin under jaw, "turkey neck" tightening
  • Tightening the décolletage and chest skin
  • Tightening upper under arm skin
  • Reduce "crepe" skin
  • Cellulite reduction
  • And more....



How much does it cost?


Giving a full price list is challenging because of the variety of procedures and degrees of sessions the client may desire. Below are the most requested procedures. If you don't see the procedure you are interested in give us a call for a quote. Prices start at:HIFU Body


  • Abdomen, lower, fat reduction & tighten  $528
  • Abdomen, upper, fat reduction & tighten  $538
  • Abdomem, both upper and lower, fat reduction & tighten  $998
  • Armpit fat reduction  $448
  • Arms, upper, lift & tighten  $778
  • Back, bra strap area  $878
  • Butt lift  $878
  • Dècolletage, skin tighten  $468
  • Knees, sides, inner and outer, fat reduction  $498
  • Knees, top, fat reduction  $428
  • Love handles, fat reduction  $428
  • Thighs, inner, skin tighten  $878



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What is HIFU? HIFU is non-surgical, non-invasive beauty procedure to tighten skin and make you look younger. Go to the HIFU page to discover more!

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